Heavy Infantry Set


This is a set of heavy infantry trays. It is comprised of:
3x Heavy Infantry Trays w/ 36 cells each.
1x 6mm Top Sheet

Gives you 108 large infantry model slots.

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All trays are 440mm (L) and 310mm (W)

Each cell measures 60mm (L) x 40mm (W) x 35mm (D)

6  rows of 6 cells per tray = 36 cells per tray

You can fit three (3) trays into a case meaning you can carry 108 models at a time.

Attached  to a 6mm base for a total height of 41mm

Can be cut down the middle to make two 18 slot trays

Additional information

Weight 335 g
Dimensions 44 × 31 × 12.5 cm


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