Minisoft accepts and prefers PayPal, however direct deposit is also available. If you would like to pay via direct deposit, then please fill in your order using the Contact Us form and Minisoft will reply with details on how to do a direct deposit.


Postage within Australia is a flat rate depending on the amount of foam purchased and will automatically be calculated in your shopping cart. Postage is priced at $7.45 per 500g. 500g of foam is equivalent to approximately $85 of foam.
Pricing is as follows:

Amount of foam purchased:                   Postage Cost
$0.01 to $85.00                                          $7.45
$85.01 to $170                                           $14.90
$170.01 to $255                                         $22.35
$255.01 to $340                                         $29.80
$340.01+                                                    $36.25 (Capped @ $36.25)
Additional Postal Services                      Postage Cost
Signature on Delivery Post                        $3
Express Post                                              $3
International Post                                       PLEASE CONTACT US


Standard Infantry Set
4x Standard Infantry Trays
1x Top Sheet


Heavy Infantry Set
3x Heavy Infantry Trays
1x Top Sheet


Heavy Cavalry Set
2x Heavy Cavalry Trays
1x Top Sheet


Standard Infantry Tray
1x Standard Infantry Tray


Heavy Infantry Tray
1x Heavy Infantry Tray


Heavy Cavalry Tray
1x Heavy Cavalry Tray


Top Sheet
1x Top Sheet


Express Post
Need your item fast?

Please add the correct number of express post upgrades for your order. I can usually get 1.5 sets per parcel. So 2 for 2-3 sets. 


If you have a deadline, please contact me to ensure I am able to meet it and to avoid frustration.
*All parcels are sent via Australia Post. Minisoft recommends registered post for all orders as Australia Post provides up to $100 for lost parcels sent via registered post. Minisoft has no control over parcels once they have been accepted by Australia Post. Should your parcel go missing, Minisoft will use its best endeavours to locate your parcel in collaboration with Australia Post however we cannot and do not take responsibility for parcels lost in the care of Australia Post.