Preparing your case

It very easy and all you will need is a sharp knife or pair of large


OMG its full of crap!
Open the shrinkwrap and open up your case to reveal the goodness inside!
Remove the tool holder and section dividers in the main body of the case
Rip out the tab that attached the toolholder to the top of the case.
Cut away the two plastic tabs from the lid of the case. Clippers works great to begin with, then you can eaten it up with a sharp knife but make sure you cut away from your body and especially fingers.

Occasionally you can bend the tabs backwards and they will snap, other times they just bend and you need to chop them out.
Get the pliers stuck into it!
Nice and neatly finished. Sometimes you will damage the grey lining of the inside of the lid where the plastic tabs are attached, dont worry about that at all it will not effect the way your trays
Place your trays inside the case
Another shot of the full case
Finally add the top sheet and all your case needs is some models!