About Mini-Soft Transports

Mini-Soft Transports are foam trays specifically designed with wargamers in mind. The friendly staff at Mini-Soft are wargamers and want to give back to the community. We have played Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, Warmachine and Hordes and Full Thrust just to name a few. Our Mini-Soft foam trays hold all of our models for these game systems. After lugging precious models around in cardboard boxes or over-priced, ill fitting carry cases, we decided that we would try to develop a more cost effective way to transport miniatures. It’s not revolutionary, but it is a far better value option!

Why are Mini-Soft transports better value?

Each foam tray, or set of trays designed by Mini-Soft fits into a readily available aluminium tool case. These cases can be purchased from Super Cheap Auto for approximately $45. You simply discard the internal dividers that come with the case and replace it with the appropriately sized Mini-Soft foam trays for your army. This case is far more solid than a plastic or fabric alternative.

Larger Foam trays!

Each tray is 440mm x 310mm and come in a variety of thickness’. This is almost twice the size of other brands foam trays meaning you can fit in up to twice as many models per tray!

Australian Owned, Designed and Manufactured:

Mini-Soft is an entirely Australian owned business, all trays were designed here and are manufactured in Victoria.